Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth 2018

With a million dollars net worth Lisa Brennan Jobs is an American magazine writer and journalist. She is best known for being the daughter of Steve Jobs who was the founder of Apple.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Biography & Wiki

Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth 2018

Lisa Nicole was born on 17th May 2017. Her place of birth was Portland, Oregon of United States of America. Her parents are Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan

These two came into contact when they were their high school life at Homestead High School based in Cupertino, California. That was back in 1972 but kept switching their relationship off and on for the next five years that followed. He, Lisa’s father, was one of the founding members of Apple’s inclusive. It is noted that the life of Lisa’s parents as wife and husband came out of hardships and consultations from their close friends.

Her father had declared to cut the relationship with her mother even to the extent of pronouncing that Lisa was not her daughter publicly. DNA paternity test gave her mother a win because it had identified Jobs as her biological father although his father continued resisting. A legal action was taken where her father was supposed to aid Brennan with the monthly financial help of $385. As her father went on amassing wealth and was declared a millionaire, then the sum was increased to $500 per month.

Even legal matters have tried to put them together but in vain. During the difficult times of convincing her father to accept his responsibility, Lisa lived with her mother who took her to The Neuva School, but when her father came in, she was taken to Palo Alto High School. In 1996 Brennan went to Harvard University and studied abroad for a single year in King’s College based in London. That is where she wrote for Harvard Crimson. In 2000 Lisa graduated and later went to Manhattan to push her career as a writer.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Career

At this time she wrote for the South West Review, The Harvard Advocate, The Massachusetts Review and other renowned publishers including The Oprah Magazine, Vogue and O, and Spiked.

Brook Radding showed Lisa in the 1999 TNV TV in a film called Pirates of Silicon Valley. She was also featured in Ava Acres playing a role as a child. Annika Bertea focused Lisa in the 2013 film by title Jobs playing a part of a grownup.

Danny Boyle directed a film by the name Steve Jobs in 2015 where Lisa was screened at different stages of life. Jobs has acted alongside actors including Perla Harry Jardin Makenzie Moss, Sobo, and Ripley. This was after close consultations of the Steve Jobs Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Lisa to make her the main character.
Awards and Achievements

What is a more significant achievement than to overcome rejection by a parent? She survived all the legal battles and even as she thought that it was over her dad still denied her. Only strong people can endure that I believe.

Lisa Brennan Jobs Net Worth

Lisa Brennan Jobs has an estimated net worth of about 10.5 million dollars. Her father Steve Job had the net worth mentioned above at the time of his death. Being the daughter of Steve, Lisa inherited almost everything from his late father. In addition to that, she writes magazines including The Oprah Magazine, The Massachusetts Review, and Vogue among others.

Lisa Job’s life may have started at nadir, but over time, it seems like she has reached the peak. After so many years of rejection by his dad, Job was accepted by Steve, eventually. For the record, Lisa Apple is named after her. In the end, Lisa inherited her father.

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